To build a top educational institution that combines human values, combining the best quality of teaching and learning using advanced technology to help prepare a well-rounded persona for our society.

To develop global thinking in the Indian soil. To do this we will offer each student having access to world-class infrastructure, as well as an innovative curriculum that encourages the development of the child in all aspects instilling values from the past.

Our Roots

Dr. Subhash Chandra, the chairman of the Essel and Zee Group had an idea of developing leaders of the 21st century via education. It also established the foundations of Zee

Learn Limited, the education part belonging to the Essel Group.

Mount Litera Zee School in Dwarka  is one of India’s top school brands and is owned by Zee

Learn Limited, which has been recognized as India’s Most Trusted Diversified Education

Brand owned by Brand Trust Advisory. Offering a range of products that cater to the needs of the student beginning with Playgroup through Vocational education, Zee Learn and its academic capabilities ensure

It is said that Mount Litera Zee School in Dwarka has the best and most thoroughly-studied program that is taught by Academicians with a high level of education with a principle of ‘What’s Best For the Child(WRFC)’.

Zee Learn is providing holistic learning through its most renowned brand names in education, Kidzee, Mount Litera Zee School in Dwarka

Mount Litera World Preschool Mount Litera School International, ZICA and ZIMA. It provides the highest quality of instruction in Mount Litera Zee School in Dwarka through its distinctive Litera The Octave Pedagogy is based on the principles of Emerging Student Profile (ESP).

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